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Summer at Villa Govinda, Italy

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Web-pages received Summer 2005
Krsna Kanta Didi in the doorway of Villa Govinda Ashram, calling the devotees for prasadam.
Munindra Mohan Prabhu drawing up plans for a new fireplace.

Krsna Kanta Didi, an example and inspiration to devotees worldwide, is as always busily engaged in Srila Gurudev's seva.

Nitai Prabhu from Ireland and Nitai Sundar Prabhu from America helping with the fireplace.
Work continues inside and outside.
Munindra Mohan Prabhu, our example of constant, affectionate, steady and hardworking seva.
Mudritanvita Prabhu lays the cement.
The work in progress....
Chopping and stacking wood in preparation for the approaching winter.
The lush fig tree overlooking the beautiful view from the Ashram's surrounding garden. Villa Govinda's garden also supplies the devotees with a variety of vegetables, as well as herbs, grapes, apples, honey and flowers.
Shyama Raya Prabhu and Vraja Vanita Devi Dasi at work in the vegetable garden.

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