Several devotees were unable to attend this celebration in order to fulfill their duties outside, but there were three members of the Soquel Seva Ashram that we missed dearly on this day: Chinmoy Prabhu, and Kalindi and Vaidehi Devi Dasis. These devotees sacrificed their time and energy in order to raise funds for the Ashram.

Chitra Devi Dasi and her new baby Shibani Devi Dasi.

Later in the evening many other guests that missed the noon feast came to take shelter of the Ashram. Little Om was happy to be here.

Charuk, Om, and Mina. This beautiful family is very dear to our community. We are always happy to see their smiling faces!

After the program, everybody crowded in the temple room to get a glimpse of the Deities in Their new outfits.

Srimati Radharani ki jaya!

Jaya Radhe!

Jaya Gurudev!

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