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Diacritic Fonts on Mac OSX
Nabadwip Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math

The same diacritic fonts made by the Math for Mac OS-9 also work in OSX.

Download the file:
Double-click on this file and it generates a folder containing the following:

  • The Centenary family of diacritic fonts.
  • The keyboard layout for typing using these fonts.
  • The keyboard layout chart, listing the keystrokes to type.

To read documents that use the 'Centenary' fonts, simply install the Centenary fonts. (Double-click on the fonts and you'll be asked by 'Font Book' if you want to install them.)

To type using these fonts, in OSX it is necessary to install the 'keyboard layout'. The latest version is 'Cent-DiacRun080207.keylayout'. This goes into Users/(UserName)/Library/Keyboard Layouts/

You may need to restart your Mac after this for the Keyboard Layout to be recognised.

Then go to System Preferences/International and select 'Input Menu'. Scroll down the list and highlight whichever keyboard layouts you wish you use (typically 'U.S.' and in this case: 'Cent-diacritic-running').

Also activate 'Show input menu in menu bar'. The layouts you selected will now be readily available in a new menu bar at top right of your computer screen.

Now you are ready to type with diacritics by selecting the 'Centenary' font, and selecting the 'Cent-diacritic-running' keyboard layout. The keystrokes are given in the keyboard layout chart.

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We hope these fonts will be helpful for you in your Service. If we can be of assistance, please ask.
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Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip.