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The world needs a spiritual guide
in order to achieve peace

Ausencia Rivera González / El DICTAMEN
December 01, 2004

As the Hindu world leader, Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj, acknowledged that the ethic, religious and spiritual values of the society are being lost more and more all over the world as time goes by, Bhakti Kusum Ashram Maharaj, the national leader, pointed out that society needs a spiritual guide to put a curb on the bellicose and violent acts that are going on in some parts of the world.
    At the end of the inauguration of the first Hindu Temple of its kind in our country, celebrated along with His Divine Grace and the Mayor of Veracruz, Jose Ramon Gutierrez de Velasco Hoyos, when the national leader of that religion was interviewed he pointed that in order to achieve peace it is important for society to have a representative of God (and to accept a Spiritual Master).
    He stressed that as someone needs a teacher in order to learn carpentry or other skilled jobs, or as someone needs a university in order to learn from a teacher to become an engineer, so we need a spiritual guide for living in peace and harmony.
    The interviewee pointed out that this religion is present in more that sixty countries in the world, and added that these Temples work independently and they don't get any financial suppport from aboard.
    The national leader explained that this religion is registered in Mexico with the Government Secretary with the registration SGAR (which means Government Secretary, Religious Association, 363,93).
    He said, "This is the first temple constructed in Mexico, and I think this will be the starting point which will give inspiration to all the members of our institution in Mexico for erecting their own churches in each and every city for activities to promote and encourage our religion."
    The interviewee clarified that within the country they have buildings where the religious activities are done, but previously there was not a Temple like this that is specifically built for the purpose of worship and carrying out the proper religious formalities and activitives.
    When informing that throughout the country this religion is doing activities in ten cities, the interviewee said that each year they have an attendance of five thousand people at their various programmes.
    He explained that this religion has its roots in India, but it's a mistake to say that this is a foreign religion because all religious current has its basis in God's word.
    He added that this teaching has its roots in India, as the Christian gospel has its origin in Jerusalem where Lord Jesus appeared.
    He pointed out that the members of this religion are sincere and humble, "leaving aside pride and without discrimination of colour, race or social position, they make the maximun use of the gift God gave us, which is life."
   It is worth mentioning that at the opening ceremony the plaque was unveiled, where it is pointed out that the land where the Temple is erected was donated in the administration of the Mayor Jose Ramon Gutierrez de Velasco Hoyos, an action that was much appreciated by the religious representatives that attended the inaugural ceremony, in particular by His Divine Grace.
    At the ceremony they had religious chanting and it was attended by a great number of people practising that religion in Veracruz, among them, Mrs. Maria Luis Loyo Wolf (Srimati Madhuchanda Devi Dasi), the local representative of this spiritual community.
    This Temple has two storeys, and is located in Juand de Dios Peza, between Ignacio de la Llave y Collado in Veracruz city.

Translated to English by Jai Balai Das

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