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Srila Gurudev's 21st World Tour

At the San Jose Seva Ashram

Pictures taken between 25th December 2004 and 4th January 2005

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Pictures by Divyashari, Damayanti and Dhanishta Devi Dasis.      
Webpage and captions by Damayanti Dasi.
Sriman Mahaprabhu.
In San Jose, as in Soquel, young and old alike engage in deity worship.
Sripad Siddhanti Maharaj leads an evening program in the bright and pretty temple room.
Kum Kum Didi. When Srila Gurudeva visited the Ashram in October 2004, he commented that she was doing "divine service."
Deva Priya Didi is another one of the main servitors in San Jose, along with Bimala Didi, Divya Shakti Didi, Uma Didi, Jivana Didi and Braja Mohini Didi.
A happy kitchen party headed by Jivana Didi.
Noticeboard in the prasadam room.
Some of the local San Jose community: Jayanta Krsna Prabhu and Braja Mohini Didi with their daughter. They will always be remembered for their recent purchase of the old 17th Street temple in San Jose.
Krishna Kanti Didi, visiting the Ashram from Soquel, sits peacefully in the beautiful front room.
Vrindavaneshwari Devi Dasi attracts some visiters while at work on her laptop in the front room. She recently finished organizing the compilation of Srila Gurudeva's Vyasa Puja book for 2004, which will soon be published on the internet.
The temple sits in the suburbs of San Jose.
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