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Written Sri Vyasa-Puja Offerings
'Now!' please....

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip.

Update: 04 December 2004
By 12 December please, for written Sri Vyasa-Puja offerings to make it into the first volume to be presented to Srila Gurudev on his Appearance Day. Any received after that will be included in the second volume, which won't be completed until mid-January. So please don't hesitate!
Please send offerings as text in the body of an email to

Kindly include your country next to your name and attach a photo of yourself (in the form of a small JPEG).
Srila Gurudev is due to be in California for his Sri Vyasa Puja (28 December) this year, where the compilation book is being prepared and presented to his lotus hands by Vrindavanesvari Devi Dasi.

Tips for sending photos by email. Please send reasonably small photos. As a general guideline, use a picture editing programme on your computer to make each photo a maximum of 500 pixels wide, then "Save As..." a jpeg file with a quality of 50 percent. This will generally give a reasonable compromise between picture quality and file size. Please see our Tips for Multimedia pages for further useful guidelines.

Invitation to Sri Vyasa-Puja celebrations in Nabadwip, Bamunpara and Kolkata.

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip.
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