First you make the curd and role it into a nice round ball.

Then, after soaking mung dahl, you strain it...

...begin toasting it, and add very little tumeric, salt, sugar, and fried cumin.

You must first fry the cumin, and then powder it.

You then add a little water as if making a very thick dahl and keep stirring!

If the dahl becomes too thin, you can always add a pinch of wheat flour to thicken it.

At last, you dip the curd and fry it in ghee.

You want to fry it until it looks just like this. There you have this baja pita preparation which Srila Gurudev himself desired to cook.

To see exactly what Srila Gurudev said about this preparation, click on the picture to visit Srutasrava Prabhu's 'Vaishnava Toshani' website and read 'Food for Divine Thought.'

At last, the plates were made to be offered to their Lordships.

A whole entire plate of sweets!! Okay, let's get out of the kitchen.

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