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Diacritic Fonts of
Nabadwip Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math

As of May 2012 we are developing full families of 'UNICODE' diacritic fonts with the aim of keeping consistency and interchangeability of all the Math's written material. These fonts are still evolving, but should be available soon, along with instructions for their installation and use on Macs and PCs.

We currently have available on the web the following fonts developed in the 1990s. In addition we have other fonts converted to these keystrokes. We can send these to you if you wish. Please ask.

  1. the diacritic font family 'Centenary' for the Mac
  2. the diacritic font family 'Haven' for the Mac
  3. the diacritic font family 'GaraScsm' for the Mac
  4. the Roman only of the diacritic font 'BodoScsm' for the Mac
  5. the TrueType version for the PC of the 'Centenary' font family.
  6. Keychart for the Mac and new keychart for the PC and Mac

(To extract .sit files on a PC use the free ExtractNow.)

Using 'Centenary' diacritic fonts on Macintosh OSX:
The same diacritic fonts made by the Math for Mac OS 9 (see below) also work in OSX, but the method is different. Given here is a step by step guide including eveything needed to type with the 'Centenary' font family.
'Centenary' font information:
This is a diacritic 'Type 1 Font' for the Mac, also for the PC, please see below.) It is based on 'Times' and includes all characters currently used by us in the transliteration of Sanskrit and Bengali into Roman script. All the diacritic characters function as letters, thus allowing all the normal functions of selecting whole words, sentences, etc.; and searches, etc., as well as allowing the compilation of diacritic dictionaries in Microsoft Word and some other programmes.

This font family is made up of Plain, Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic typefaces and is installed in your Mac in the same way as any other Type 1 font.

It is accompanied by a key-chart, and a QuicKeys file that you can open using the popular 'QuicKeys' Control Panel. Copy the content and paste into your own Universal Set or into the set of your word-processing programme.

Using these items you will soon have no difficulty to fluently type and manipulate diacritic text -- and check your typing easily as you gather a dictionary together of many commonly used words involving diacritics.

This font and accompanying items are available here in a single compressed file for you to download: Centenary Font Family (165K).

Key chart:
Now available here is a chart of the shortcut keys along with the QuicKeys Keyset mentioned above (5K). The font infomation is also here in pdf format (30K).

A keychart for both Mac and PC has also been added.

Tips for using:
On the technical side, we were unsuccessful to be able to blend these fonts into one working family (i.e. so the specific 'Bold' font is automatically assigned when any characters are allocated the bold formatting) therefore our practical work-around has been as follows:

  • The actual word processing and character formatting (bold, italic, etc.) is done as normal. Then the text is imported into a Layout programme (such as QuarkXpress, etc.). At this stage by selecting 'Font Usage' all bold text can be changed into the Bold font, italic text into the Italic font, and bold-italic text into the Bold-Italic font. This is very quick and simple to do. Ensure, however, to ensure the box for 'Bold' is unchecked when changing the font to CentenaryBold, similarly with the italic box for the font CentenaryItalic, etc., as in the example below.

Font Usage example

'Haven' and 'GaraScsm' diacritic font families:

In response to requests for further typefaces, we have since added our adapted diacritic font family: 'Haven' (80K). This is based on 'Helvetica' and follows the same keystrokes and method of use as the 'Centenary' family described above.
In September 1999, we have added a further diacritic font: 'GaraScsm' (175K). This is based on 'Garamond' and follows the same keystrokes and method of use described above.
In October, a further font -- 'BodoScsm Roman' (58K) -- was also added. This is based on 'Bodoni', and currently only the Roman version is available on the web. This font is commonly used in headers.

In addition we have other fonts converted to these keystrokes. We can send these to if you wish. Please ask.
PC version of the 'Centenary' font

Also due to receiving further requests, a PC version of our 'Centenary' diacritic font is now available.After installing this font on a PC, you are able to readily read our Math's diacritic text files, Word files, etc. If you wish to use any of our other diacritic fonts on a PC, please ask.

We have included helpful tips for easy use of these fonts on a PC.
Also a chart of shortcuts for the PC and the Mac diacritic fonts.

In the "Centenary" family are three separate TrueType files: one for Centenary Plain (28K), one for Centenary Bold (25K), and one for Centenary Italic (27K).

Your feedback is welcome.
We hope these fonts will be helpful for you in your Service. If we can be of assistance, please ask.

(To extract .sit files on a PC, use the free ExtractNow.)

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