All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

21st World Tour. Venezuela 2004.
Inside the Temple

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Laksmikanti devi dasi.

Balarama Prabhu, the main pujari, shows us one of the backdrops painted by Antaryyami Prabhu. Many of his beautiful and devotional paintings also decorate the temple walls.

Backdrops from Vrindavana.

Madhuripura devi dasi and Rasamoyi devi dasi. On the morning of Srila Gurudev’s flight to Mexico, the two started cooking at 2.30 am so they could go to the airport and have breakfast ready for the devotees on their return.

Rituraj Prabhu.

Laksmipriya devi dasi, Kalindi devi dasi visiting from Soquel, Syamanandini devi dasi and Rohini Nandana Prabhu.

Madhavi devi dasi and Harindu Prabhu.

Ashapurna devi dasi.
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