All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

21st World Tour. Venezuela 2004.
Saying Goodbye (until next time....)

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Srila Gurudev left the Venezuelan devotees with great hopes of his return....
After Gurudev’s flight to Mexico, many devotees began to leave Caracas, returning home to neighbouring towns, islands and countries. The biggest group was made up of the Colombian and Peruvian devotees, on yet another bus ride towards the Venezuelan border....

Ishvari, Divyasari, Kamala Narayani and Ashapurna devi dasis.

Parama Karuna ki jaya!!!!!

-Damayanti dasi, with help from Divyasari, Ashapurna and Ishvari devi dasis
Please forgive my offences, omissions and mistakes.

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