All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

21st World Tour. Venezuela 2004.
In the Temple Room

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Following the very happily and enthusiastically received class given by Bhakti Lalita didi one morning, the ladies took the lead at the front of the temple room for bhoga arati.
Aditi Rani didi led the chanting while her daughter Indumati devi dasi took the ghee lamp around.

On another day Vaidehi devi dasi had the opportunity to worship Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra as pujari during evening arati.
Meanwhile the younger generation practise for the future…

Little Abhay Charan plays on his mother’s lap.

Shankar’s father, Kanta Krsna Prabhu, told us that his son immediately asks for karatals when he  wakes up every morning.
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